Limit, 2020
3’ 48” 
Sound by Kit MacArthur

Initially developed during the

BEYOND residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts, UK.


Ophelia, 2019
HD Video

Group Show:
Goldsmiths Univerity Grad Shows UK, 2019

A video work made as reflection on disordered thinking, anxiety and arriving somewhere new in a therapeutic setting.

Small Places, 2018
Ceramics &
transfer prints

Group Show:
Telegraph Hill festival, UK,  2018.

Photos by Katie Turnbull and Tamsin Relly

ISM, 2017
HD Animation
Sound by Dylan Hogan-Ross
Voice by Alana Bowden

Group Show:
Commissioned by Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest for Gravity and Wonder, AU 2017.

Big screen V, Focal Point Gallery, UK  2019

Chiaroscuro , Coventry Cathedral UK. Curated by Martin Green. 2019

ISM is the result of a pairing with astronomer Graeme Wong over six weeks in the House of Wonder studios at Penrith Regional Gallery. Graeme’s area of focus is researching the molecular density of interstellar gas clouds and looking at initial conditions for star formation.

ISM pivots around several ideas: visualizing what is optically invisible to humans; connections and gaps in explanation between artist and scientist and consequently questions about how we communicate the intangible.

Scientists take on dual roles, that of the observer and the communicator. Metaphor used in science communication is a valuable, evocative, cognitive tool. It uses already acquired knowledge to position new information in our frame of reference. As an artist, I often use the ‘everyday’ as stand in: objects from bags, desks or tables. When talking about the unseen, the intangible, the invisible and unfathomable scale of the universe, when we use metaphor, human centered scale and the tangible to explain these ideas, does this tether and constrain our understanding? Can these objects become embedded in our  vision of the universe?

I rendered cross sections of scientist Graeme Wong’s desk in the same method he uses to look at sample areas of the gas clouds. The animation is an inquisitive look into Graeme Wong’s research, methods of investigation, measurement and ultimately how we perceive and relate to that which we cannot see.

Double Landing, 2016
HD Video
6’ 15” 

Developed as part of  the Post Arctic residency at the Pocantico Center with thanks to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, USA.

Group Show:

Double landing is an experimental video diary from an Arctic residency in October 2014, coupled with entries from early accounts of Arctic whaling in October 1663. It recounts reactions and cataloging of unfamiliar sights and circumstances. The artist mapped and recorded many forms of data including personal health, GPS, accelerometer, output from a gyroscope and temperature during her time in the Arctic. At the time it felt like inquiry, however as she translated this data to various outputs she began to think of the collecting as a coping mechanism rooted in colonial practices of understanding. Katie used her sleep data to generate animated northern lights in an attempt to stay with the unknown.
-When confronted with the complex,unfamiliar, slow moving and invisible, we become careful, empirical, rational and focused on routine.