Katie Turnbull is a visual artist, born on Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia) and is currently living in London.
She works with the expanded medium and technology of animation, including moving image, sculpture and interactivity. She thinks through making, with meaning emerging from material, historical and technological associations. Her practice is process based, working by collecting; objects, footage, sound, a moment in time or images.  She uses material experimentation to expand and explore associated and overlapping affect, ephemera, intuition, unconscious and invisible drives. The materials chosen to work with have alchemical properties, transforming over time often with unexpected or hard to control outcomes, which allows meaning and form to emerge. The work engages with the tension between sight and perception playing with temporality and alterity.

Katie's projects have been exhibited at Art Night Tokyo (JP), Focal Point Gallery (UK), UNSW Galleries (AU), Channels international biennial of video art (AU) and commissioned by  Penrith Regional Gallery (AU) and Experimenta Media Arts (AU). She is a recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts London studio residency, The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship, and the Ian Potter cultural trust grant. She works as a Psychodynamic Art Psychotherapist in the charity sector.