Patterns of Thought
Installation. Table, pine wood, resin, perspex, wax, feathers, metal, paper. Lenticular prints.
Dimensions variable

This project was developed through the Firstdraft Studio Residency Program.

Solo Show:
Patterns of Thought, Firstdraft Gallery, AU 2014.

Patterns of Thought is a body of work using the imagery of flocks and swarms as visual metaphors for human behaviour and thought processes.

There are three key behavioural elements of flocks and swarms: Separation, Alignment and Cohesion. These behavioural elements present in flocks and swarms, also manifest in social phenomena such as groupthink, bystander effect, crowd behavior and can be explored in relation to the human thought process.

The works act as visualisations of these ideas, using mixed media sculpture, kinetic objects and photography. The kinetic sculptures not only act as representations of these phenomena, but also as tests (in an informal sense) of the user’s behaviour as they can be touched and moved by the hand.

images by Shira Livne