Strange Terrain

Animation frames made of plasticine, bioplastic and organic matter between perspex sheets.
VR headset with looped 360-degree animation.

Group Show:
Conditions Studio, UK

photo by conditions studio
animation stills

This project engages stop motion animation using plasticine, organic materials and bioplastics, translated into a 360-degree virtual reality space to explore ideas of permeable surfaces, landscapes as encoded recordings and scaling relationships.

The work considers geological sites where time exists in many directions, order is upheaved, and the surface of the earth is thin, creating an interface between exterior and interior, moving and being moved. At these sites human imposed hierarchies are harder to maintain creating a space that engages with alterity, allowing us to stay with the strangeness of the normalisation of things, in the current moment.

Surface features shift to subterranean structure, the flatness of the forms serve as intervention to VR ‘surfaces’. An ambient sound work underscores the viewer’s experience.