The Arctic is an Eye
HD Video
6’ 41’’
Sound by Point the Bone

Solo Show:
Seventh Gallery, AU 2016

Ferry Gallery, Thailand, 2016

Group Show:

Outside film projects, Sheffield, UK 2017

Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 2017

North Sydney Art Prize, Coal Loader Center for Sustainability, AU 2017

A large part of seeing depends on habit and convention.
-John Berger. Ways of Seeing

Social meaning is drawn from stories. The Arctic is an Eye weaves together data, mythology, group psychology and data visualisation embedded into the Arctic landscape. It reflects on the malleability of information; what we know and what we see, in contrast to our inaction. The process of sight served as inspiration for the writing of a parable style text that runs alongside the data.
The hand gestures act as a human remnant, an empty gesture in a digital work, where we are barely seen, but the content is a reflection of our actions.

install images by DOCUMENT PHOTOGRAPHY

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Developed on The Arctic Circle Residency with support from The Freedman Foundation, Ian Potter Cultural Trust and the Australia Council for the Arts. Thank you to ACME in the UK for the support.